Does the OCTOMASK work with all GoPro Cameras?

Yes the OCTOMASK work with all GoPro Models.

Prepare your mask for first use – Best Practices

Your new mask has a special protective coating on the inside of the glass. While this helps ensure the mask make it to you in perfect shape, it is advisable to remove this proactive coating from the inside of the glass by lightly polishing the glass surface with regular household toothpaste. The toothpaste will effectively polish the glass removing this protective film and giving any commercial defogging product a better surface to bond with.

What is the difference between the various OCTOMASK Models?

Both the Standard and Frameless Models offer a great way to shoot hands free video, and are both comparable in size to each other. The primary difference between the two models is that the Standard Mask contains two pieces of tempered glass for the lenses, while the frameless contains a single piece of tempered glass. Need Prescription Lenes? Prescription Lenses can be installed into either mask by a dive shop professional, however it is typically less expensive to have lenses installed into the Standard Double Lens Model. For you prescription OCTOMASK needs please contact – http://prescriptiondivemasks.com

Will the OCTOMASK fit me?

The OCTOMASK tends to fit most people with average to large faces extremely well.

Additionally if you are concerned about the fit while ordering online we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy when ordering direct from our website, so if you are unhappy with the fit for any reason you can send the mask back for a full refund.

How can I become an OCTOMASK Dealer?

Please fill out a Dealer Application which can be found HERE, and we will get back to you shortly.

What about bubbles?


It is important to remember that the moment after you jump into the water and begin diving your body position will shift forward, diving most bubbles to the side of your face. Check out some of our Sample Footage and see for yourself!